[Custom Transformers] Zen Master Prime

posted on 09 Mar 2012 11:02 by tb-production in Custom-Transformers
The original inspiration of this came from a customizer "Becky Law". 

Zen Master Optimus Prime
I redesign the color scheme and re-conceptualize the total look of Optimus Prime to be a more "Samurai" , "Zen" style--make him minimal. The main color is super gloss white with subtle shading to give some depth, while the metal parts are in darker shades to cut with white, accented with red and gold. Equipped with a Katana, that would be enough for him to rage the Decepticons.

Custom Details:
- Added Ball Joint at head for better articulation
- Removed Shoulder Pads
- Added a Katana
- Articulated hands and fingers with spike knuckles (Fakebusker's Shapeways)
- Custom Painted Black Flame with shading
- Neatly Removed excessive forearm parts
- Subtle white shading
- Realistic mechanic effects
- Super Details
- Painted with TB-Production's Extensive Signature Shading
- Coated with super durable gloss clear to protect all the details 

Custom Transformers : Zen Master Optimus Prime by TB-Production





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